Simucube 2 power cable, is there any right angle adapters for it?

hi, i was wondering if there were any right angle adapters available any where compatible with the type of power cable the simucube 2 uses? i use a big 43" screen and want to move it closer to my base but the base has the power cable sticking out

I personally use a PCI-E extension cable to route the cable more neatly behind the wheelbase, those extension cables are very flexible so you could get pretty close to a 90 degree angle.

Place the monitor in front of the base, between steering wheel and the Simucube 2

it’s a 43" monitor, it would be towering above me if i done that

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I have a 49, curved screen. So size (in this case) doesn’t really matters. The distance between my eyes and the monitor is around 46 cm. And my view is absolutely in the middle of the screen.