Simucube 2 peripheral devices DIY


I will soon invest in a sport or pro simucube 2.

I had +/- put this project aside considering the price. But with Diy it drastically cuts the bill.

I am currently working on my project for the realization of a Diy steering wheel / hub + crankset.

I am wondering about the connections of the 2 peripherals.

1- We can connect them directly to the pc via usb without going through the simucube2 ?

2- For the steering wheel, is there 1 advantage in connecting it directly to the simucube2 ? Wireless or not ? ( with Simucube Bluetooth BLE Module Transmitter)

Thank you in advance for your advice and info

1- You can and is the most used metoth in the community. But every device is an USB port less and you can face some problems related to devices order.

2-like above, one USB PORT free, no cables, and every Game detecta your SC2 BASE with integrated buttons.

3- i would add that by my experience, any SC2 base is recognised by some games like a JOYSTICK, not a Steering Wheel. But if you Connect pedals directly to SC2, those funky games now can see your SC2 like a Steering Wheel. Looks like a Windows regedit line where It knows (based on axis reported by device) if its a joystick (X and/or Y axis only) or a Steering Wheel ( X axis plues Gas Clutch and Brake axis)

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Thank you for these interesting answers :slight_smile: