Simucube 2 New user guide

So my Ultimate ships on Monday. Btw anyone looking for one can order from simtacingbay, immediate shipping.

Besides the manuals what are things early adopters have learned from experience?
This would help new users and future buyers on the fence as well.

I see a lot of threads for different sims and cars.

Most of us want to drive more spending less time tweaking.
May be have a repository of baseline settings for different sims specific to cars?

Any way, share your experience, dos and don’ts etc.

Thanks in advance

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Any recs for newbies?

I’m waiting like you my SC2.

Mika said to the next update of true drive will have a few settings to start it.

There is themes about setups to diferentes games here, in this forum. Copy and try…
Beano (for example) showed a a set up for ultimate for Iracing.


Thank you for the response.

My ultimate ships on Monday, I have to admit that I am a little intimidated buy the setup and fine tuning expertise required from game to game and car to car.

I do love the wireless feature and community support and continuous development otherwise I would have gone with the LB

Btw- was surprised by operating temperature range being 15C-30C room temperature only. Seemed a bit narrow.

Congrats on the ultimate. I think you are going to be very pleased with your choice.

I can totally understand your feeling nervous about the settings whilst you wait in anticipation. Been there myself :slightly_smiling_face:

No need to worry though as the more skillful and experienced users like @Exact-Performance and @phillip.vanrensburg have great baseline settings to get us new users started.

As @Julius mentioned, the easiest way to get started is to go to the individual threads for each game + SC2 (They are generally titled in that format), have a read through and use the various posted settings as a start.

They will have you 90% set to go. The last 10% will come down to small adjustments that tailor the feel to your individual taste.


Immediate dispatch on an ultimate you say ? That could get me back on track very quickly indeed…

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Yes, check simracingbay website. I also exchanged emails with them adn I was told mine will ship Monday.
While supplies last

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