Simucube 2 loss of FFB when disconnecting bluetooth keyboard


I have simucube 2 pro and I’m using Porodo bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I have been using this keyboard for 6 months now with no issues.

but now, I have noticed that I kept loosing FFB mid race. after investigating, I noticed if I turned off the keyboard I will immediately lose the FFB.

to get the FFB back I have to switch on my keyboard and return to the pits.

I don’t know if its the bluetooth issue or something in the settings, because it was working just fine.

I would really appreciate if you guys provide any recommendations.

Another example is when in AMS2, I turn off the keyboard and I loss FFB, then I turn it on again and click windows button then click on AMS2 on the taskbar then I get back to the game with FFB back on.

So it is just your keyboard issue man :wink: try another cheap wireless keyboard and i think you will not has problems

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I don’t think we have had similar issues with keyboards at the office. We do have a few actual bluetooth keyboards, but the rigs have usually some Logitech proprietary ones with the integrated touchpad.

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You are absolutely right…Idk why I spent hours trying to fix it…

The moment I decided not to use the keyboard it just works fine

I agree … im buying a new keyboard soon.

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Glad it helped, and now you reminded that i want keyboard with lighting just to see at night letters mappings :slight_smile:

Now, that you say it: I could stop looking for a flashlight and buy such a keyboard too. I feel totally 🤦

Flashing wireless keyboard with mouse 40 eurs, really not expensive just need to check how long battery stands on flashing keyboard i think not so long, so maybe better to buy wired flashing keyboard 19 eur and thats it;)

Logitech MX Keys keyboard illuminates when you hover your hands over it.
But in my case it had some issues consistently shutting lights off when on metal keyboard tray, perhaps some electrical conductivity keeping it awake, some rubber mat under should solve it though as it works fine on wooden desk.