Simucube 2 - Game issues


RFactor 2 - detects the SC2 Pro, but motor feels like it’s turning through gravel. Un-drivable. Feels like you’re damaging the motor.

Dirt Rally - weird high pitched buzz from the motor when in menus, and game.

F1 2017 / F1 2018 / Project Cars 2 - unable to detect the wheel.

I’ve seen the analogue assignment button in the TD software. I suspect this will help the last issue, but I don’t know what to do with.

iRacing runs like a dream!


I had the same problem with rFactor. All you had to do was use the correct settings. I used this link to

In the Dirt Rally, the steering wheel moves slightly from side to side and beeps. If I use a different profile, it’s fine.


Thanks @mory I’ll take a look at that tonight.


But I have one question. In Dirt Rally 2, when I quickly turn the counter, the steering wheel beeps and the ffb turns off for a moment. What should I try to set up? @Mika


Do you have the hands off detection on “high” @mory ? for me, that caused this issue in rally, because you sometime intentionally let the wheel slip through your hands or quickly counter steer.
Setting it to “mid” should help


Yes… i will try it. Thanks :slight_smile:


Do you have the pro @mory? I tried those rFactor settings, but it’s still Driving with gravel.


Yes… Do you try this Controller.JSON?

If not put it here steam/steamapps/common/rfactor 2/userdata/player


Is that same one that was in the article you linked? If so, I’m using it.

Maybe it’s something in my TD settings?!


This is my TD settings…


I have issues with any game other than iRacing - I think that sums it up quite good. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and I am/was a SC1 user.


I did come up with some inconclusive results with rFactor2 testing today. I’ll get back on it tomorrow. It almost felt like a firmware issue to me - one moment it was fine, the other there was the horrible grainy buzzing sound from the motor.


My money is on the firmware. I’ve just tried @mory settings, and it still feels awful to me. I took the AC Cobra out around old Monaco, lots of rattling. Also, don’t hit any kerbs!


Raceroom feels grainy and the ffb makes loud digital metallic noises all the time. This is more annoing then a Logitech g25/g27/g29. The motor sounds like it’s broken!


So does AC as long as any artificial ffb effects are activated. Make sure to turn off road, curb, abs and slip effects.


Anyone with the same issue? No ffb in pcars2 at all. My mate has ffb but we can’t figure out why.

Edit: fresh install of pcars2 solved it. But feels way worse than on SC1. There is horrible chatter in corners.


I have issues in RaceRoom:

  • no road feel whatever setting I try (from latest discussion or based on SC1 profiles)

  • if I exit the game to menu while driving the FFB doesn‘t stop properly and wheel turns in one direction

  • depending on setting extreme oscillation (as soon as you take the hands off the wheel)

In Assetto Corsa:

  • when exiting under driving FFB also doesn’t stop properly. Sometimes wheel is heavily turning! Need to stop car properly to calm down ffb.

I am coming from a OSW with MMos but never experienced these problems (at least not that massive).

If anybody experienced the same and found solutions: Any tips are welcome!


I have similar problem in Raceroom.

When I hit the car and damage the steering going back to the pits does not fix the problem, I have to exit to the main menu to fix it.

This makes the game not playable.


just assign the button „reset force feedback“ on raceroom options.


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