Simucube 2 first experiences & request for team's action survey

Hello Racers!

We have opened a short survey for the first batch Simucube 2 owners. In this survey we’ll listen your voice about A) how we did in various aspects of Simucube 2, B) where you would like Simucube team to prioritize next, and C) how you would like the service of your reseller to be developed.

To jump straight in, go to the survey link below:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Cheers, Tero


This is most welcome. I’ve filled mine in.

Thanks for listening.

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That was a great survey.

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done, nice that you do that. I appeal to everyone, do it!

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I would definitely improve the package. The steering wheel came perfectly fine, but the box was pretty weak on his weight.


Excellent survey. …

Just filled out the survey.

Thanks for doing this, Tero.