Simucube 2, equivalent parameter


i would like to know if there is an equivalent in the Simucube 2’s world of the Peak/Linear parameter

available with the DD1/DD2?


What does the effect do?

This is something that is not needed for direct drives. If you’d like to boost low or subtle forces turn up the ingame effects like road surface or curbs. But it is always recommended to set all ingame affects to zero and run your FFB in linearity mode in iracing for example


It’s called Force Feedback Scaled. It looks like a filter.

The Linear option is when the filter is applied and the Peak option is raw and you get the whole dynamic/amplitude for each effect.

This is incorrect. All that it does is changes how much peak power the base can output. In linear mode on a DD1 it will not go over 15Nm and on DD2 20Nm; On peak mode it will output full power if needed. Does not change force feedback in any way.

Simucube 2 pro is 25nm holding and peak torque. So no need to make a choice. You always have max power available.

Ok, so there is no base filtering?

It changes a lot actually.

Would love to see a source for this. As for my statement I can quote one of Fanatecs beta testers Maurice - “It just limits your available Trq range (basically limits DD2 to 20Nm Peaks and DD1 to 15Nm Peaks)”

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No need for a source when you have a DD1 or DD2, it’s obvious.

I just understood that most people on these forums have no idea of what they are talking about according to the bullshit of your comments.

Very nice buddy

We’ve already stated this is something not needed for a direct drive base. The only reason I can think of why Fanatec have this filter is to boost FFB in console games that have average FFB

I think from now on we should just ignore you


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It makes no sense as to why anyone would need this with an SC2. Confused as to why this question even needs to be asked

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It’s not a filter. It’s basically a limiter. What you feel is just more/less overall FFB when you choose between linear and peak. It’s because the holding torque of the DD2 is 20Nm and 25Nm peak. In linear mode you just limit everything to 20Nm so you can’t have a situation where the base softens if you go over 20Nm for too long.

SC2 pro is 25nm peak and holding torque, so no need to choose.

I had the DD2 myself and know a lot about it.

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Wow you are one special type of delusional huh? Go read up about the setting on Fantecs website or forums and get your head straight.

Coming from a DD1, what peak/linear does:

FFB scaling!

50% FFB = 7.5nm
100% FFB = 15nm

50% FFB = 10nm
100% FFB = 20nm

The thing with peak is:
If you get over 15nm the force will instantly but slowly decrease to 15nm within about two seconds.
If you are already in peak range (>15nm) holding force and hit a bump that should increases FFB even more, nothing will happen.

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