Simucube 2 Disconects

As title really.

Since purchasing and setting up my SC2 Pro on Friday I’ve had nothing but constant disconnects with it.

Occasionally it has thrown up a “overvoltage power stage forced off fault location ID:0” but the majority of the time it just power cycles and disconnects when torque builds up. Half way round a corner the windows disconnect sound plays and I lose all FFB and controls. The unit powers back up and after a restart will work for a couple of corners before disconnecting again.

Happens in F122, AMS2 and AC, I’ve tried every USB port, tried different USB cables (USB B to type C) and even tried different wall outlets. Still the same issue everytime.

Anything else I can try or return to supplier?

Not sure if this will fix your issue but worth a try. Disable USB selective suspend.

Go to Control panel, power options, change plan settings, change advanced power settings, USB settings

Have turned off selective suspend and now it seems to be working in low torque mode but only low torque.

Any attempt to put higher torque through the unit leads to a shut off. Is this likely to be a PSU issue?

If it starts failing at a higher torque, most likely PSU, yes.

So I’ve been advised by the supplier to contact Simucube directly as is procedure.

Does anyone have a rough idea on the response time from support?