Simucube 2 and Valve Index


I actually have a Fanatec DD1 Steering wheel base, but I have an issue with my Valve Index VR, the tracking between the VR headset and the base station 1.0 get lost each time I switch on the steering wheel, it seems to be a Electromagnetic interference between the two systems. No way to get it solved through Valve or Fanatec support Team so I’m evaluating to sell the Fanatec and buy a Simucube 2 Sport. Is the Simucube well shielded? I’m wondering if one of you guys ever tested the simucube along with a Valve Index headset and if you ever experienced the same issue.

in case I decide to buy a Simucube, if I’ll stay with the Fanatec steering wheel, is the QR add on enough?



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You may want to check the forums at Race Department as there is a thread in the hardware section related to the Valve Index, and I think there may be some users with both a SimuCube2 and the Valve Index.

Hi Andrea

I know of at least one person who owns a SC2 Pro and the Index and he hasn’t reported having any dropouts due to EMI

If you do switch over to Simucube buy want to keep using your Fanatec rim, you’ll have to convert it to use a USB cable with something such as a SRM conversion kit:

I race with a SC2 Pro and the Valve Index, one LH Station (1.0) behind me (slightly to the upper left), one in front of me (slightly to the upper right)

Not a single problem at all until now which were SC2-related.

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I used an Index with an SC2 Ultimate for a month without any issues.

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The only DD wheels I am aware of that doesn’t have the grey-out issues with any VR headset is SC2 and Bodnar SS2.

All other dd wheels causes my PiMax headset to grey-out if the wheel is on, and you touch the headset anywhere.

This is the case for Podium DD2, as well as all my different OSW wheels. Like said, SC2 series do not have any issues, and my old Bodnar SS2 did not either.

Ps: This issue is not only on the Valve VR, but also on many other VR headsets.


Hey guys thank you all for your kind replies! so it seems I have to give back my DD1 Podium to Fanatec… I bought it 3 months ago and I paid with PayPal, do you think they will accept my request? I’ll also open a formal request through PayPal… I’m interested to buy the SC2 Sport, do you think it’s aligned to the Podium DD1 in terms of performance (or even better)? which steering wheel rim do you suggest me to buy? I found the Ascher Racing F28 but it’s out of stock, I would like to have the clutch on the paddle…

SC1 with a BUNCH of magnets all over the cables + Index, still get grey outs, its better, beore i could literally think of touching it and it would grey, now i have to grab it good and only on the front to make it grey.

Drizute, what do you mean “with a bunch of magnets”? How do you fix them? Can you post a picture? Thanks!!!

Drizute thanks a lot!! How many of them did you put around the USB cable? I ordered 10 at 8€…

I have them on USBs from SC1, ALL cables from index entering computer, on Index main cable. My SC1 cables are sheilded and have wrapping. I used them all…