Simucube 2 Accessory Port: which products are approved? More than 1 product attached?


I have a Simucube 2 Pro (with 2 power units).

Is there a list of all products that can be connected to the Accessory port of the SC2 pro?

And is it possible to attach more than 1 product to this port?

We know of the following:

  • Sim-Tag hydraulic pedals
  • Sim-Tag sequental shifter
  • Sim-Tag handbrake
    (Sim-tag will make a custom cable to match your combination).
    Then there are
  • Racewerk pedals
  • NSH racing pedals (and a shifter? I do not know)
  • Simtech Racing pedals (maybe? I’m not sure)

Only one full D15 connector can be connected at one time. The pinout is published on our website and having more devices from different manufacturers is going to be most likely a DIY job.

Thanks for the feedback! :+1:

add SimCoaches pedals/handbrake to the list