Simucube 2 Accessory Port for Simtag pedals

I bought a Simtag pedals with USB cable before bought SC2 pro.
Is it possible to use USB to D15 converter for SC2 Pro ?
And I have USB handbrake and pro-sim gear shifter.
Is it possible to make a hub to merge them in one D15 port ?
Thanks a lot.

Do not use any USB to serial converters. The Accessory port is not a serial port. Contact Sim-tag.

The Accessory Port only accepts raw analog/digital inputs, not serial protocol.
If you want to save some money, buy a Simucube compatible harness from Racewerk [DE] or SimCoaches [US]. Then modify the endpoint connector.

Your handbrake, remove the controller and wire directly to harness.

That way you can have your pedals and also your handbrake attached to the SC2 at the same time, correct?

What about the shifter? Any way to get it also connected?

I have to buy simtag cable that can connect simtag pedals and simtag handbrake to D15 port.
But Pro-sim shifter is USB interface, I thinks it cant.

Im curious why one would want to use the Accesory port at all?

Not only for Simtag:

-Compatibility with all games like one device (games detect SC2 like a true steering wheel and pedals set, not a control device)
-True Drive Calibration (no more raw values like 200% or -3%)
-Add one more axis for Handbrake and 2 mandatory buttons like Button1 & Button2 (not available on any wireless wheel)