Simucube 1 repeated 600w 48v supply failure help? see reply

Hello! I am considering buying a SC1 wheelbase from a friend of a friend. I’m currently running a logitech Driving Force GT PS3 wheel, it’s rather noisy when I turn on the FFB to appreciable levels.

Took a while to get the specifics but it’s a M10010 motor with an encoder i’ve never seen, it’s a Heidenhaim ERN 480. I could get his setup including the wheel for 1200CAD, he is looking to upgrade to Simucube 2 Pro.

Is it even worth considering picking up his setup or should I skip directly to a SC2?

Thanks for the information!

Shortly after posting here, the person I’d like to buy from has informed me the 600w 48v supply has failed for a second time in a year. What troublesshooting steps should we take to avoid another PSU failure?

Thanks for your help!

Replace the power supply with a Meanwell SDR-480-48.

1200CAD is alot for SC1 unless it has a pretty good wheel with it.

Since the power supply failure I suppose he will reconsider the price. What would an ok price be for no wheel and bad power supply?

Heidenhaim encoder bad/good?

If the power supply breaks a third time what do I take a look at?

edit: i have found a SDR-480-48 for an ok price with delivery before christmas. we’ll see!

Unfortunately things are not worth what they used to be. The Heidenhaim encoder was a very expensive encoder, but now you can get a BISS C included on the Mige smt- M10010 for around $200USD plus $180 shipping.

In perfect working condition I wouldn’t pay more than $600USD for the unit you are speaking of without a wheel.

I would find out exactly which power supply that he has that is failing.
If it is the Meanwell PSP-600-48 which was very popular with simplicity/ Ollie kits I would suspect there is a problem in the unit. These power supplies were very reliable.