Simucube 1 - possible failure

I use my simucube with iRacing, i have been away and not used my rig for 3 weeks, i turned it on and it was not seeing my wheel in iRacing, i’ve reseated cables, down loaded the configuration tool, updated firmware and tried everything i can thing of …
My wheel has a very “lumpy” feel when not running software, the configuration tool software reports
Operating Mode: waiting for drive to get ready and thinks the E-stop is pressed (it is not), if i move the wheel it then shows as disconnected fr a short period.
any ideas what i should try next ??

What error codes does Granity present?

yeah, click “enable IONI Configuration” and then connect with Granity to see servo drive status. It might be broken e-stop button or wiring. If Granity shows STO active, then thats what it is.