Simucube 1: Ordering IONI Boards + Auto wheel calibration conversion



Our sims have been running so well and smooth since joining this forum, so I wish to send my thank you to the community.

  1. We are in need of ordering two IONI Boards for our Simucube 1 Boards, is there an order / product link we can use?

One of our IONI Boards shows fault code 0: is there a fix for this?

  1. We are looking to convert our encoders to not need daily center calibration, what are the steps needed to auto center on start up, encoder change? Please provide the replacement part needed to do this if needed.

Thank you

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You should contact our sales team by using sales at simucube dot com email address.

The minimum order quantity is 10 units, but I can vouch for an exception to be made for you.

Fault code 0 is a non-starting device without any specific fault. We’ve seen that happen sometimes without explanation, but haven’t debugged why it happens. Possibly wrong settings on the voltage limits on the servo drive could make this happen.

You would need to order the absolute BiSS-C encoders, motor rear covers and the cable to the Simucube 1 unit from Mige. We never stocked these items. Also the oldest Mige motors have different attachment for encoders and you would need some adapter units to be able to install the encoders. You would be on your own regarding this all, maybe it is too much for the work for very little benefit.

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Hi @Mika

Thanks for the response, iv sent email to sales department regarding ordering the IONI Chips.

All the best


Hope your well, Iv made number of attempts to sales to respond back on ordering x3 units instead of the x10 but can not move forward, is this something you can help assist and push?

Thank You