SimuCube 1 New firmware 1.0.22 not compatible with old profiles

The new formware 1.0.22 with SimuCube config tool for SimuCube 1 doesn’t seem to be compatible with profiles created with SimuCube config tool 0.50.4.

Every time I try to load and old profile created with SimuCube config tool 0.50.4 the New SimuCube config tool crash. The only way to restore the config tool is to restart my wheel. (Large Mige and Åugury SimuCube Ioni HC Pro).

Is there a way to delete the old profiles without selecting them in the config tool, because every time I do that the config tool crash and I can’t revert back to the old firmware either the config tool doesn’t allow me to downgrade.

Can you export the profiles to file, and send that file to us at support (a)

We would likely want to fix the actual bug first before adding bubblegum features to delete profiles via various ways.


Done, you should have it soon :slight_smile:

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Bug has been found and will be fixed, hotfix firmware release coming up!


Thanks a lot for a very quick respones :slight_smile: