Simucube 1 Motor support AKM65N?

I have a motor AKM65n-Ancnaa01 encoder which is BiSs Single Turn. is not multi turnI don’t know whether it is supported on SC1 Pro HC?

thanks !

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Biss ST encoders is supported, but you will need to check the encoder part# to ensure it is a 5V encoder - that will work, but 7-12V encoders won’t.

Also, I can perhaps check later, I think that servo might give quite low torque-output with IONI Pro HC, if my memory serves…maybe 20NM or less, which will make small mige a better proposition. The “K” and “L” versions will give from 38-45NM though.


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It is a 5 V encoder. I need a definition diagram of THE INTERFACE between BISS ST and DB15. Is this the picture?


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What encoder is on the servo? Hengstler AD58 22-bit?

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Hi Beano, thank you very much for your reply. I am trying to open the back cover to check the encoder model. Do you mean that the maximum current limit of Pro HC is 25A, resulting in inability to play the maximum NM of AKM65 “N”? Is it because of the nameplate 16.5Arms above?

Mr. Phillip.AKM65"N" can output maximum torque if sDR960W-24V-40A is selected? I’m sorry my English is really poor.

With that motor and IONI Pro HC the peak torque is approx (25A/1,414)*(22,5Nm/16,5A) = ~24Nm.

For that peak stall torque you need ~200W psu, but you need to consider the shaft output power also, roughly 480W PSU will be plenty good for that motor to delifer 24Nm in dynamic conditions.