Simucube 1 - max input voltage - will this PSU work?

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I recently built a cnc machine and found a cheap used industrial 48V power supply -

Unfortunately it won’t work with my stepper drivers as these have a max. input voltage of 52V and sometimes they just stop working and throw an error. I learned about the load current diagram and that this power supply only supplies 48v when under full load. I think this is the problem with my current cnc setup.

I then connected the psu from my simucube 1 - a Meanwell SP-500-48 which works fine and everything on the cnc seems to be working as intended.

Now I’m wondering if I can use the Feas PSU (see link above) on my SC1? The technical specs say 20-49V input max, but when reviewing the changes on the data page it has been 20-56V in the past:

I don’t want to risk to burn my SC1, so I’m asking you for help. I’m always concerned about electrical stuff so maybe you can help me.

Thank you very much for your time and advise,

The voltage dissipation algorithms and regenerative braking are in Simucube mode are tuned to work correctly only on 48 V PSU. Going for higher than that will lead to troubles with overvoltage faults.

The Feas PSU you linked, is a Linear PSU where output voltage is just rectified and then smoothed, but not regulated at all. Output voltage will fluctuate depending on load. Its not surprising that it will not work correctly.

We recommend switching regulated power supplies. Feas also has them with suitable output wattage, but at much higher price than Mean Well.

Well that is a clear reply, exactly what I needed, thank you very much!

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