Simucube 1 Long Term Build - Keep or Sell?

I have all the bits to build a Simucube 1 but due to family commitments it is unlikely I will get it up and running plus the rest of the rig I am putting together for a year or so.

Now Simucube 1 is EOL and support reducing plus the price of DD coming down should I sell and then buy an off the shelf unit when I am ready or keep it?

My concern is I will end up with an obsolete unit I can’t. Get working.


Only my 2 cents, but I’d sell and get what I want when I’m ready. You pretty much stated all the reasons to do so yourself already (EOL, won’t even be able to use it before a year or so etc.)

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This is a difficult one as the currently the ONLY wheel bases I would consider possibly better than the Small Mige SC1 right now are The SimuCUBE SC2 Pro or Ultimate and the VRS (possibly the Asetek Invicta - because it is basically a Mige SC2)

If you have the Components for the Large Mige SC1 then You are virtually on Par with the SC2 Pro so the only bases better would be the SC2 Ultimate… and very ver slimly the SC2 Pro and Asetek Invicta (only because they are not EOL.

I don’t really see this changing too much over the next couple of years myself unless someone shocks the status quo…

So the thing is you sell off what you have for the Price of a Low level DD but then have to spend double maybe triple later to get an equivalent unit (the price for units equivalent in performance to what you have is not coming down (but it isn’t going up either)… Even two years from now the SC1 will be better than most of the entry level units…

So unless you are going to get out of SimRacing completely OR you desperately need the money… Keep it, Finnish it, Enjoy it.

If you have the Main SC1 Board and the IONI PRO or IONI HC you will be able to get something running. PSUs are all over the place and there are actually Many Servos that can be used (if you don’t have either of those items).

Plus there are several of us that are still around that can easily help guide through getting them running and a couple of permanent Forum Posts on iRacing in the Old forum Archive with all the needed details.

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Thanks for the replies.

It’s good to hear that the 1 is still a great wheel base.

This has given me the motivation to get the whole set up running.
Even if I only spend 10 minutes a day it’s progress.

I have nearly all the parts and need to assemble and wire it. Then get a pc, monitors and get going!