Simucube 1 Linear Potentiometers

Hi there,

i’ve got a Simucube 1 form the SW20 V2 to be exact and I’d like to DIY a Handbrake (and later on maybe a howl pedal set). I read that the Simucube X11-Upper Connection is the one to use but I heard that some linear potentiometers don’t work properly. Are there any linear potentiometers you would recommend?


Where does it say that some linear potentiometers don’t work properly? It is known that at least the ones from the Logitech G25/G27 pedals work very well.

I replaced my G27 pots which are quite cheap with high quality ones from Leo bodnar and never had problem with them.

Any parts you buy from Leo bodnar electronics are of good quality and they have a bunch of sensors etc.

I connected my G27 potentiometers, Throttle and Clutch, directly to X11 upper. And they work perfectly.

PS. My brake, load cell, connected to X11 via load cell amp.