Simucube 1 for motorcycle games / Bump Stop Problem

I use the Simucube 1 for motorcycle games like Ride 4 and TT Isle of Man. For this you need a small steering range of max. 40°. However, the Bumb Stop Range does not really work well. At 40° a maximum of 120° Lock-to-Lock is possible. Is there a solution for this?

There is not currently a solution to this. A too tight range for the bumpstops would too easily cause hazardous or unwanted side effects, thats why there are limits on how the steering angle can be set.

Is there a possibility to go back from version 1.0.30 to 1.0.25? There the bump stop for use was better solved for me.

Launch the 1.0.25 Simucube Configuration Tool with fwupdate parameter by using a shortcut:


This will re-flash the 1.0.25 file.

Note, that by downgrading you might loose all your settings in Simucube (but the servo drive settings remain unaffected).