Simucube 1 FFB Overall strength 100% / 70% and clipping?

Game: Iracing
Track: Canadian Tire
Car: Corvette DP
Wheelbase: Simracingbay Small MiGe (20nm) (bought 2019, latest)

Regarding 100% Overall strength FFB in SC software or not. I read here to lower the SC FFB value to prevent high FFB force when crashing etc.
I remember (on Fanatec) its was important never change max FFB force on wheel or the config app.
Just change ingame strenght (for the reason not to clip)

So after i tried setting Overall strength 70% on my Simracingbay Small MiGe (20nm) and in car 30 and it was clippping like crazy (red very often)

After I tried 100% in SC app and 50 ingame and all good…

So I wonder if someone with good maths can calculate the Nm produced in game and see why i get hard clipping when SC app is on 70%.

Overall strength 70% (14nm) in SC app and 30nm in game=? (8.4nm?) Seems wrong due to massive clipping.
Overall strength 100% (20nm) in SC app and 50nm in game=? (i guess half, 10nm?)

In other words, what value ingame to get same strenght/amount/value as 100% /50 when running 70%?

Why don’t you change the iRacing to show Nm value directly in the UI? Look for displaylinearnm in app.ini.

I did/have Mika.
30nm(shows in game) on 70% in SC app = clipping
50nm(shows in game) on 100% in SC app = no clipping…

I guess i am looking for a FFB RATIO here…obviously I am doing/thinking wrong here :wink:

In order to avoid clipping, you should adjust the in-game FFB to a level that does not show clipping during normal driving and normal kerb hits, and then adjust the overall strength in Simucube so that it feels right for you.

Some people input rather large Nm values (weak FFB) in-game to avoid clipping in even the very harsh kerb hits, very harsh bumps at Sebring, and crashes. These have no useful additional information for a driver, so no point of trying to avoid clipping them.

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Understand about clipping, I am more interested and curious WHY it is clipping like a mother @70% / 30nm so I understand what i am doing (both values felt the same in game). I was thinking that at 70% the SC could not produce correct and enough power for the game or something like that.

I think you are clipping at 30nm on that car, try AUTO Button on iRacing to see max FFb for that car/track

You can also try 100% on SC and 30nm on iRacing, it must clip too

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I will , but i guess it will! So: 30nm(ingame) at 70% gives basically the same force as 30nm(ingame) at 100% ?
I thought you had to change ingame FFB strenght depending on Overall strength! That might explain it all :slight_smile:

Think of it as clipping you see on iRacing bar dont Know what servo you have, so you must clip any wheel at 30nm.
Not clipping servo, but clipping signal sent to the servo

servo drive model: IoniProHC 25A
NO i see the problem. I though: if I use 70% of base 20nm = 14nm.
Then i need to compensate that lower nm with higher ingame value…get it? LOL

Its OK, but ingame FFb has its limits so if You reach a Point of clipping, you must stop touching iR FFb and adjust SC Overall forces

Best option is to use AUTO Button on Black box to achieve the Point of clipping

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Interesting…I didn’t think that ‘auto’ option was for DD wheels?

As a general rule for iracing, have your SC at 100% and then every car at 60+Nm and you won’t see any clipping and still have strong FFB.
There might be a couple of cars that fall outside this but most work well.
I’m usually in the 62-76Nm range for all cars.

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