Simucube 1 Fan output

Daft question but I can’t find the answer. On the Simucube board, are the fan outputs for 12v fans and if so, could it run 2 fans?

It’s a 5v output, you can run a 12V fan off it, but don’t use a high-watt fan, or more than one, as that rail is used to supply the microcontroller and other electronics with power, and it is limited.

I have used an 80mm Noctua fan before, you don’t need a high-speed fan, just something that can evacuate the stale air from the enclosure…

Thank you Phillip for the prompt reply. The case I’ve ordered has a 120mm fan in. I’ll check its not a high wattage and replace if necessary.

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Cheers Stu, keep us posted :wink:

Its not the wattage the is the most important thing. Noctua has two models of fans for 80mm; one that spins faster and other that is slower. The slower one does not start at 5 V, so it can’t be used. Many of the “silent” 120mm fans are also non-starters at 5 V.

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I was thinking of just getting a 48 - 12 v step down then that would mean no problems.