Simucube 1 - Failing to pair Bluetooth Paddles


I have mentioned this a few times previously but the issue has remained exactly the same,

I have sim that requires me to

  1. multiple times restart the PSU Simucube
  2. click refresh devices
  3. switch on/off/on the button box
  4. pull both paddles in
  5. switch on/off/on paddles

keep repeating until simucube finds the devices and connects, it always happens and can now never get it to automatically connect like the others,

is there a fault somewhere that i can replace? is there a bug or something that can be done to stop this happening



Would new receiver chip help as I need to order a few more due x1 broken one


Does the issue happen even if your all other simulators and wheels are shut down?


Yep, do I change the wheel or Simucube board to help?

Any other suggestions