Simucube 1 EOL (End-of-Life) Announcement

The items below will be discontinued due to main reasons being the phase-out of critical components needed for manufacturing and simultaneously market demand transitioning nearly completely to Simucube 2 based products.

• EOL Model Name: Simucube 1
• Substitute Item: Simucube 2
• Effective Date: 2022/05/31
• Last Buy Date: 2022/05/31

Please place your order at our web shop before the Last Buy Date, or until the stock lasts. The current inventory is around 145 units for Simucube 1.

We understand that this announcement may be unwelcome news to you. The decision to discontinue Simucube 1 was difficult for us but was bound to happen due to practical reasons.

Granite Devices reserves a certain number of parts for warranty issues. Granite Devices reserves certain quantity of products in reserve stock, a quantity that we expect to be sufficient to cover the foreseeable warranty cases until 30.6.2024.

Our SW Team will continue to maintain the software until 31.12.2024.

Granite Devices

Some additional comments:

  • Sourcing components for Simucube 1 has been difficult, and the next production batches could not have been possible to do without significant impact to the product price.
  • Sourcing components even for the previous batch has taken significant time for our sourcing team compared to benefit - time that is better spent to focus on our future products.

IONI situation

  • IONI product line will continue.
  • Some components are difficult these days also for that with regards to manufacturing.

What does this mean for software, then? Well, we will continue fixes and changes if required at least until the end of 2024.

The end of the Best era of Simracing Equipment. :frowning:

SC1 changed the DD Market forever! :slight_smile:

Back to Argon? :grinning:

Argon was actually a very good setup. :slight_smile:

If we had the same software for Argon as SC1 I would choose the Argon. Unfortunately the Argon drive wasn’t really designed for what we use it for. Hence the resistor failures.

I wish I had the $$ to buy a bunch of SC1 boards for later use.