Simucube 1 electricity noise feeling

When I turn on the device, even if I do not enter the game, there is a whining feeling when I hold the steering wheel, is this normal because it does not feel normal

I feel the electricity flowing in the engine in my hands

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Which firmware versions? Which motor, encoder, PSU and what settings are you running? Is the torque smooth against a centering spring effect or are there notches?

i use last version .40 fw
bissc encoder
small mige
meanwell sdr480-48-48

and my settings

Nothing obviously wrong in your settings.

Has this just started to happen / has there been a change in feeling?

it was there before, but when I talked to a friend who has sc2, he didn’t have it, so I wrote it here

Output current 0.00 A
Velocity feedback 0 r/s
Velocity feedback (raw) 0
Position feedback -3.0756e-05 r
Position feedback (raw) -129
Setpoint value (raw) 0

Is it normal for these values to change like this?

video link:

Yes, there is a tiny bit of noise in the encoder signal which changes the position feedback value.

I understand it’s a normal thing so it’s okay