Simucube 1 DIY - current games compatibility?

Hi All,

Strangely my first post… I was sure I had an account and posted before but looks like not :slight_smile:

I have here basically brand new, never used Simucube DIY built but never used in 2018 and I wonder how is the compatibility with current sim games like:

RBR, Dirt Rally 1/2, all new WRC releases for the past few years.

Iracing, AC, Automobilista 2 and all circuit games.

In terms of compatibility is it as good as Simucube 2 and other commercial projects and plug and play or do custom profiles have to be adjusted etc. or simply the base is not supported well in never titles?

Also were there any firmware releases / software updates sine 2018 :smiley:

Or am I better to sell it and get Simucube 2 or similar?


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So good forum people - how is the support for SC 1 DIY OSW for modern sim and not only games?

The USB interface and DirectInput effects are exactly the same as Simucube 2.