Simucube 1 DIY 2020 (From Japan) - Will these parts work well?

Hello everyone!
I didn’t want to deal with SC2 stock chasing, and to be honest, I wanted higher torque ceiling and in Japan there’s a possibility I can ask a friend in Taiwan or maybe order a Mean Well PSU for a better price. Plus avoiding overseas shipping for anything I can (except of course the SC controller and driver board).
So here’s the part list so far:

  1. Simucube 1 from Granite Devices Product Page (25000¥ shipped)
  2. IONI Pro from Granite Devices Product Page (26000¥ shipped) I know, I realized I could’ve saved $30 ordering together… (Emailed their support team, hopefully I can just add the IONI and have them ship together)
  3. 130ST-M10010 (Emailing Lisa Zhan, have no idea how much this will cost, trying to see if other people in Japan want to do a group buy to reduce shipping costs) (35000¥ or maybe 45000¥ with Biss encoder???)
  4. Mean Well NDR-480-48 directly from a Mean Well supplier in Japan 10000¥
    Total: Approximately 96000¥ to 106000¥ delivered. (I have a spare cube shaped SFFPC case I’ll use for housing and a 3d printer).
    For comparison: SC2 Sport delivered is around 136000¥ and Fanatec DD1 through Japan dealer is 159000¥ :scream: (Same price as SC2 Pro delivered).

Questions I have:

  1. Can MiGE provide shielded cables?
  2. Is the price difference to get an encoder directly from MiGE more expensive than another source?
  3. Is the NDR-480-48 good enough to overdrive a small mige to 25NM? (I think around 16A). I tried to calculate this using the Nm/A and the winding resistance of the small mige, but the numbers I got were really low for 25Nm, like 400W and that didn’t match information I found online with people saying a 480/720 burst was needed.
  4. Are there any issues with this part list?

Point1: Ask Lisa Zhan from MiGe, she can most likely provide shielded power cables for you.

Point 2: Best to get Biss encoder together with the servo directly from Lisa Zhan too.

Point 4: To get 25NM from of small Mige, you need 550W PSU, assuming 95% efficiency from the Ioni Pro. An SDR-480-48 will be a good match for this solution, I have tested it before.

Hopefully there are no phasing errors on the servo you select, but the several times I have overclocked small miges, they worked ok on this level, provided you also bolt it down on the front to a thick piece of mounting plate that can sink the heat away from it.

Anyway, for 20NM, only 360W psu is needed.


My final part list, for those curious:

  • MIGE 130ST-AM10010 (Custom order from Lisa Zhan) with shielded cables and 22-bit BISS C encoder included
  • IONI Pro & Simucube 1 ordered directly from Granite Devices
  • Mean Well SE-600-48

I was going to order the SDR-480-48 as suggested by Phillip, but the SE-600-48 is safe for consumer use in Japan (no CE compliance issues) and the SDR-480-48 for some reason has no retail vendors in Japan. Special order would be triple the price of the SE-600-48. I’ll be replacing the loud fan with a custom solution using a spare Noctua fan I have lying around.

I don’t think I’ll push 25 Nm, since this is my first DD wheel, it’s quite a jump from a ClubSport v2.5 from Fanatec (extra 12 Nm + tons of extra details). But it’s nice knowing I’ll have the extra head room for 22-25 Nm in case I need it.

Total Price so far: 87000 JPY shipped. I have a spare Thermaltake Core V1 I’ll throw everything in which will slot nicely with my gaming PC (same case). I might 3D print a custom rear IO shield that matches the Simucube 1’s IO ports.

Can you get the meanwell PSP-600-48?
We had good luck with those. Ollie probably sold thousands of them.

Fan is a little loud for some people.

CSW 2.5 makes around 6.5Nm at peak, not 13…

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  1. I wasn’t talking about 25 Nm. I literally said "I don’t think I’ll push 25 Nm, it’s quite a jump (the 20 Nm without over driving) from a ClubSport v2.5)
  2. The ClubSport isn’t 6.5, it’s 8.

Unfortunately in Japan the PSP-600-48 is the same price as the SDR-480-48, so I just went with the SE-600-48.

Parts are all ordered!

  1. Paid Lisa Zhan for the MIGE motor today, 130ST-AM10010 with BISS C encoder and magnetic cables. Done! :white_check_mark:
  2. Ordered my Ioni Pro HC (I went with HC just in case I decide to move up to a Big Mige later. It’s just a 20€ difference. Sucks I didn’t just order it together with the SC1 board… Lost another 30€ in shipping. Servo driver done! :white_check_mark:
  3. Ordered the SE-600-48 SDR-480-48. Gonna slap a 140mm Noctua fan blowing right over the PSU and going to run the PSU without its cover, bolted directly to the PSU tray of the Core V1. PSU done! :white_check_mark:
  4. SC1 arrived already, I’m impressed by the quality of soldering/components.

Looks like I’m in the hole about $800 USD. Not bad considering how much it would cost me to import other more popular consumer wheels. Also my CSW 2.5 will sell for around $500 here. Combined with dumping my Formula Esports wheel and Podium Hub, I’m earning $50 to upgrade to SC1? :thinking:

Of course, gotta buy the SRM Fanatec USB conversion for Formula V2, plus a small mige compatible QR. And have to modify my Core V1 with a 3d printed IO plate that matches the SC1 interface!

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I hope that SE power supply does not have the Auto shutdown feature.

This PSU has shutdown as protection feature:

So, on slightest overload, it will shut down completely, instead of limiting current like the NDR and SDR series supplies.

When using this PSU, expect careful tuning to never get a shutdown.

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Thanks for looking that up Mika.
Bad choice to use that power supply it seems.

I would think 2x large electrolytic caps on the PSU 48V rail should provide sufficient buffering during high current-draw spikes…of course, it is extra money and effort, but doable, OP can easily get those from Akihabara …

But yes, the SDR- one would be my choice, even if it is extra…I used this seller from Taiwan before, pricing isn’t to bad, tbh…

I always used the SDR-480-48 except when I did upgrades to the Ollie kit that had the PSP-600-48.

If Sonny does not used the proven parts we have used in the past it will be hard to help him with support. Plus nobody is going to have a drc that will work.

So moral of the story, spend a little more and get the good parts and avoid problems.

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I ordered the SDR-480-48 after talking to chat support for the vendor of the product.
Turns out they have it but don’t advertise it on their vendor site since consumers don’t usually order DIN rail PSU’s (what nonsense).
For the record, I think the SE should be removed from the PSU list on the Wiki if it’s not recommended.

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If the SE is on any list recommended for OSW I agree it should be removed. You do not want an auto shutdown power supply.

Smart man going with the SDR-480-48.:grinning: