Simucube 1 can't connect to software

Can you confirm that both USB cables are connected?

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I just finished a remote sesh with Steven. One more thing to check, but it appears his X3 HID USB port is borked, not seen by the PC at all, even in DFU mode.

FTDI port is ok, swapped cables over, so it is not that.

Steven, just remember to power down and switch the 2 switches back to normal mode :wink:

Let me know when you have done the final test on the laptop, but I would be surprised if it is seen as ‘Simucube’ in Devices and Printers.

UPDATE: Seems X3 port is ded, so hopefully Tomo can sort you out, Steven. For a quick turn-around, Joe Sullivan in the USA might be able to help you with a Simucube board too…he’s a member on here.

Check with him too.

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Thank You for all the help.
I message Joe on iRacing forums and here.
Ready to get back racing. I’m going mad not being able to LOL

Cheers Steven,
Sorry I couldn’t get it sorted. Joe mentioned a while back he saw a few of those sudden-death USB failures, this is the first one I encountered though.

Hopefully he has a board to sort you with, otherwise Tomo or Granite Devices should be able to help.

Take card that side, hopefully it’s done soon :wink:

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That was installed after the reinstall of windows. It didn’t seem to work so i took it out. maybe that corrupted the x3 port?

Joe didn’t have any so i just ordered a new one
how long you think it will take to get to the states?