Simucube 1 buttons and pin7 usage


I’m currently building a board for my simucube and I would like to use more than 14 buttons. so the usage of the pin 7 would help me. however I’m getting strange behavior when I press the buttons. some of them are getting the same number. maybe I did not understood the meaning of this pin 7 utilization…
can somebody please confirm the following usage. this is how I have understood it. could be good but maybe not!

without pin7 as shift

connector pin +PIN7 button
x12 upper 1 no 1
x12 upper 2 no 2
x12 upper 3 no 3
x12 upper 4 no 4
x12 upper 5 no 5
x12 upper 6 no 6
x12 upper 7 no 7
x12 lower 1 no 8
x12 lower 2 no 9
x12 lower 3 no 10
x12 lower 4 no 11
x12 lower 5 no 12
x12 lower 6 no 13
x12 lower 7 no 14

total buttons 14

with pin7 as shift used in X12 upper

connector pin +PIN7 button
x12 upper 1 yes 1
x12 upper 2 yes 2
x12 upper 3 yes 3
x12 upper 4 yes 4
x12 upper 5 yes 5
x12 upper 6 yes 6
x12 upper 7 yes na
x12 lower 1 yes 8
x12 lower 2 yes 9
x12 lower 3 yes 10
x12 lower 4 yes 11
x12 lower 5 yes 12
x12 lower 6 yes 13
x12 lower 7 yes 14
x12 upper 1 yes 17
x12 upper 2 yes 18
x12 upper 3 yes 19
x12 upper 4 yes 20
x12 upper 5 yes 21
x12 upper 6 yes 22
x12 upper 7 yes na
x12 lower 1 yes 24
x12 lower 2 yes 25
x12 lower 3 yes 26
x12 lower 4 yes 27
x12 lower 5 yes 28
x12 lower 6 yes 29
x12 lower 7 yes 30

total buttons 26


The shift function will, if the button is pressed, shift the other buttons so that there are approximately (but not exactly) double amount of buttons possible.

so the list with with pin7 as shift used in X12 upper is a good list?
What I am doing is putting on each button with extra pin7 a cable connected to pin7 x12upper.
th pronblem is:
if I have x12lower pin1 alone, it is B8.
if I have x12lower pin1 with x12upin7, it is B24.
but if I have 2 buttons, first one is x12lower pin1 and the other x12lower pin1 with x12upin7, then both show me B24…
I’m a liitle bit confused…

There might be a bug here, but I’m not expecting to fix this in the short term.
Shift button is meant to work exactly like the shift button in your keyboard, so that when the separate shift button is pressed, all other buttons output to different buttons.

thanks Mika,
I will recheck my connections just in case. if it is fine, I let you know and I will then adapt my cables. I have a bodnar for my pedals, I can play with it too

I have checked again with a breadboard. pin7 is used to get the double amount of buttons. I was understanding that the first 13 buttons are used directly to simucube and that the next 13 buttons can be conbined (all new 13 buttons connected again with the pins and each time double connected with pin7)
when I checked before welding the buttons, I check only single buttons only. 1 without pin7 and one with. so it was working. then I have connected all buttons (26) and the last 13 of them always with pin 7 together… that was my failure.
meanwhile I have found in a french forum an explanation after a discusion between you and speedfr

it looks like the french brains understand differently as the others. they had the same misunderstanding as me (I’m french too…)
so no bug, just french brain failure

so we need to push 2 buttons to get the last 15-31…

does somebody know if such button exists? a double sequential button?
you press a little, the first trigger connected to pin 7 is touched, you continue to push and the second trigger is touched which is connected to the right X12 lower or upper pin. to combine the effect of pusching 2 different buttons nearly as the same time


I am using X12 upper with 1 button + 3 encoders and X12 lower with buttons and Pin 7 as shift button. The shift button also works for the X12 upper so I have by using shift two buttons and 6 encoders in total (equals 14 buttons) on the upper X12 and 12 buttons in total on the X12 lower.

I don’t think that it is possible to create a second shift for using the (theoretical) remaining 6 buttons. My guess is that the shift button always does exactly the same regardless if it is defined on the upper, lower or on both X12 connectors. Hence I think it wouldn’t make sense to have 2 shift buttons.

I am still on V. 0.11.2. You mentioned a bug. So is it safe to update to newest version and would I still be able to use the X12 connectors the way I described above?

The code regarding the x12 buttons has not been touched.

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