Simucube 1 Broken USB Port

One of the mini USB ports on my SC1-PCB has recently broken off.
It is the left hand port, so the wheelbase is currrently not usable.

Can I use the soldering points on the bottom of the PCB to attach a standart USB A cable to them as a stop gap solution, until I can source a new board? If so which pins of the USB-B port correspond to which soldering points on the bottom. If possible I’d like to avoid using a multimeter to find out, to avoid any additional damage.

Alternatively, is there a way to use another port to communicate with the PC?, ie the right usb port or one of the network ports?

Thanks in advance.

If you have skills to do so, and willing to take the risk of additional damages, then yes.

I don’t have the schematics right now. It is safe to use multimeter.


Okay, I’ve measured the pins on the other usb port to find out which cables correspond to which soldering points on the bottom.
As far as I know, the Pins 5, 3, 2, 1 of a mini USB port are actually connected in a normal USB-A to mini USB-B cable, however pin 4 was still connected to one of the soldering points (TP7) anyways.

I’ve now soldered on 3 of the wires of a USB-A cable, the one wire that is not soldered on is data-, ie. the white wire, since I didn’t have a signal on pin 2 of the mini-Usb port on the right hand side…

Currently the connections are as follows:

Do all four USB-A cables have to be connected to the pcb?
Currently the soldering point on the top left (TP7) is not connected, the only thing I could solder it to would be the white data- wire of the usb A cable, which is a little puzzling to me as it connects with pin4 of the usb-b port.



I’ve remeasured the pins and the correct connections should be

green tp6
white tp7
red tp23
black tp10