Simucube 1 Bluetooth receiver module —Wanted—

I have a Simucube mige 130st and i need the Bluetooth receiver upgrade
I’ve had a good look about google and emailed 4 companies that ”show” stock or claim to be getting soon. It’s been two days only one email back saying they aren’t getting anymore or supporting simucube 1 which I thought might be the case.

Anyone have one, know of one, would like to sell me one :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in the UK

Have you contacted Tomo at Simracingbay?

I have a few, but I am in the USA. Shipping would be expensive.

Hey Joe

I was trying to source one in uk/Europe or atleast a company that would order me one.

If that fails I will contact you for one or someone else further a field.

I just got a ascher racing wheel and it will be sitting getting dusty by the time I sort this Bluetooth chip out :joy::joy:


Hey Ollie,

Understood on trying to find one in Europe.

Have fun joe