SimuCUBE 1 advice

Hi people.

I have:
SimuCUBE based OSW kit with CM110 case
Servo Motor: MiGE 130ST-M10010 20Nm 10000ppr (40000cpr)
PSU: Mean Well 480W/720W peak (Noiseless) 30Nm
Servo drive: Ioni Pro HC (25A)

With settings in pictures. I don’t know much about this system so I am wondering is this ok regarding firmware and settings. Don’t really know if I am missing on something as this is my first direct drive wheel experience.
Also q about simucube config tool Damping setting. Some suggest to use like 3.5%. If I do this, it feels like notchy when turning the wheel, like it is trying to constantly correct movement; and a lot of resistance, like Friction would do. Is that normal? I can’t use more then 1%, don’t feel this is right…



The maximum torque level on the device could be upped a bit, but its not significant as you are not using the full torque anyway.

The Damping/Friction notchiness is coming from the 40000 CPR encoder, and it would feel a lot smoother with higher resolution encoder.

So I would need an encoder upgrade, can’t seem to find any available.
Will keep looking.

Thanks for your time.