SimRacingBay simucube 1 OSW keeps disconnecting randomly

Hello everyone, I finally managed to make work my SimRacingBay simucube 1 OSW and it keep disconnecting while playing, I tried different USB cables, I have a ground cable plugged into the base.

Anyone as faced the same probleme by the chance ?

Are you plugged into USB 2.0 Ports?

I would connect to the USB ports directly on the PC motherboard.

i tried on my other computer same problem , i would like to know if its coming form the mother card or the ioni card in the Power unit box , even when the wheel is not plugged on my computer the wheel base restart and re calibrate by itself.

Granite software ask me to do an update of the firmware ioni several time even if i do the update it keep asking like if there is a bug or somthing …

im thinking about replace the mother board or the ioni card of the wheel but im not sure wich one causing the problem

Does the torque level have anything to do with it? I mean, could it be the power supply tripping out?

how to know that ?
the leds of the ioni card flash red before the base restarts.

Well, if you reduce the torque levels (drive with less FFB) then does it still happen?

this happens even when the base is not plugged into usb.
with the basic settings on simucube too.

This also happens even when I’m not in game.

Communication error flags:

  • Communication (cheksum mismatch)
  • DataLegth (timeout or app error)

Disconnected. See troubleshooting at while accessing parameter: name=undefined, addr=202, GUI value=-1, HW value=-1

here is a message that is displayed when the base disconnects on granite

so how to change the ffb on granite?

what else can it come from? I’ve been looking for 2 months without finding anything. I despair

There is a slider in Simucube Configuration Tool. Or are you running MMOS firmware?

I use simucube configuration tool and even with the ffb at 5% it does the same to me

I was told that the problem may come from the power supply in the box

Any success finding out and fixing the problem?
My problem is very similar from what you described.

I think I fixed my problem. I still don’t want to celebrate, but this is the first time I had the wheel connected for around 30 minutes now without any SMBus error count - it still shows 0. Previously I had like 50 errors for the first 5 minutes of powering on the simucube.
I then went and made a quick practice session around Hungaroring in ACC with 100 FFB (12 amps) in Simucube Configuration Tool and 40% gain in the game - it was perfect. No errors, no disconnects nothing!

What I did:
I enabled Ioni usb configuration, started Granity and I did the coil test and the values that the software suggested after making the test were a bit different from what I had. I changed to the suggested values but I also increased FOV from 49.5 to 50.5. I also tried a different USB port once more. Now I am not sure what did the job, but I am very happy.

Just to be sure - would you guys please confirm that a value of 50.5 FOV is safe ? I could possibly go back to 49.5 and see if it still works, but I don’t want to change anything now when it works if not needed.