[SimpleMotion V2] Download compiled library binary (DLL) file

Hi Bros,

The compiled library binary (DLL) can be used with virtually any programming tool (C#, VS, Labview etc). From where can I get this DLL file (simplemotionv2.dll) to work with SM V2 via C#, which support .NET environment?

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Hi Dũng,
Sorry it took time to answer, but are you asking the c++ -project github repository or the .dll-file itself?

Samppa from Granite Devices

Dear Samppa,

I am highly appreciated that you gave me a response.

Yes, we are working in C# development project. Can you please check whether you can give us the “debug” versions of simplemotionv2 DLL file in 64-bits format ?

Also, is it possible that you share us “release” versions of simplemotionv2 DLL files in 32-bits and 64-bits formats?

P/S: We can do some programming with “debug” versions of simplemotionv2 DLL file in 32-bits format that can be downloaded at below link:


Please download our 32-bits demo at below link:

I have some questions:

  1. Can we add those 32-bits source codes to our intergraded development environment (IDE) with 64bits?
  2. Also, we have successfully built the source code using visual studio. But we are not able to establish connection with the motion board with this 32-bits DLL file.

a) Can you please check if is there any configuration has to be done before building the source code?
b) Can you please check and clarify whether below DLL files present along with the SMV2 release package? Please describe their functions.

* libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll
* mingwm10.dll

It will be really helpful if you can provide us your comments in this topic.

Best regards,