Simmucube 2 strong vibrations and static electricity


I have some problems regrding the electricity and the simucube 2. Whenever I start the Simucube 2, I get strong vibrations from the Simucube 2. When I’m ingame, I can feel the shifter with the magnets moving a bit, also the shifter input along with the buttons is sometimes not registered. Also I can feel some electric sensation in my body. It seems like something is suddenly wrong with the Simucube 2. Maybe it has an electric imbalance? I don’t really know about this subject too much. I had no problems beforehand with the wheelbase.

There is definetly something wrong regarding the eletric subject with the Simucube 2. Whenever I turn up the Force on the Simucube 2 via TD the paddle Shifter and buttons on my steering wheel stop registering sometimes, when I turn the forces down, the shifter and buttons respond normaly. Also like I said, whenever I’m in my rig, I can feel static charged. Did someone else have the same problem in the past?