Simexpo 2019 at the Nürburgring

Today I was at the Simexpo at the Nürburgring. It was a really nice day. I was very happy to meet Mika personally. The man who is spending the nights for us to program the software. Many thanks also for the sweatband.



I met both Mika’s :grin:.

Awesome to meet you guys.
Thanks for the cap and sweatband.


Nice to meet you guys!

Tomorrow we will also be at the expo area but we will have to leave at 3 PM. Final chance to get cool apparel!


If you don’t post a pic you are not really there.:grin:

Some are in our instagram account.

I guess now I need to learn how to use Instagram LOL!!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Etc. Makes me feel old!!

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Instagram what a pain!
No matter what user name I choose it rejects it. Any pointers?
I think I will skip this one.

I did see your pic though!:slight_smile:

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Interested by the reports of EMI problems from the Simucube2 on the SimLab stand, I’d not heard of any SC2’s suffering from this until now.

I heard they ended up having to switch to a different wheel brand to solve it …

It had a 220V to 110V inverter for Dbox system. Whenever that inverter was on, the whole computer’s USB got messed up. We are investigating.

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