Simcube stuck in DFU mode

I have a question regarding Simcube regarding Stuck in DFU mode.

My hardware configuration:
-Ioni Pro
-Large Mige
-BissC encoder (new)

Firmware upgrades done and verified. After clicking “leave DFU mode” it greys out and then comes back on. Windows 10 Device Manager continues to show STM32 Bootloader as device no Simcube.

My Simcube Board does not match photos, DIP Switch in corner beside USB port. Measured as shown in photo and got 000 regardless of switch position.

What next?

There are two dip switches on the Simucube version later than the one pictured in the photos in our wiki. The other dip switch doesn’t do anything, and the other toggles the force dfu mode functionality.

I can’t remember which switch is the correct one, and it is safe to toggle both of them.

I would suggest to cycle the switch multiple times. The position where the DFU mode is NOT forced, is the position where the switches are NOT towards the closest edge of the board.

I cycled both switches several times. I measured between the second terminal on the connector with the fan as shown in the Wiki discussion and I have continuity between that terminal and all 4 pins on the DIP switch block. Does this mean that all 4 are grounded?

Further testing. The terminal nearest the edge of the board. has continuity regardless of switch position. The other side ternimals do not have continuity when switch position away from the board edge.

So after uploading the simucube_bootloader.dfu file in DFU mode, and switching the switch to not-towards-the-edge position, the device still appears to boot in DFU mode?

Windows device manager does not show SImcube as a device only STM32 Bootloader. Not sure how to get additional info

To clarify: Device manager show STM device in DFU mode, Windows device list shows STM32 Bootloader

I loaded firmware “simucube-bootloader_and_reset_all_settings.dfu” and now it works

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On a new build I have found the the firmware boot loader - simucube-bootloader_and_reset_all_settings is the only one that works the other comes up as blank and doesn’t do a thing… It took me a while to figure that one out as well the last time I set up a SimuCUBE board.

I thought the non-working one was replaced in the 0.11.2 release. I’ll see that it gets fixed for next release.

Nope, 0.11.2 has a non working one…

Same problem; Device manager show (usb controllers) STM device in DFU mode. Loading firmware “simucube-bootloader_and_reset_all_settings.dfu” did not solve the problem.
Shuld simucube usb game port also be visible in device manager under ports?