Simcube simracingbay iracing issue

I am new to the osw and got my setup from tomo. I had it working on an older Alienware computer, but it was not up to the task. I just got a new computer that can handle it and vr. I had it working, but now have some issues.

I am using simcube and open that up. I have changed some of the settings there, per searches here and online to get a better feeling. I open up iracing and it feels like it has very little power and feedback. I have had it much harder and could set it before.

Now in iracing the force feedback is like locked. I can not adjust it at all. I know it was working right so I must have done something wrong or hit something. Any thoughts on what I did wrong?
Btw. Small mige.

maybe check the app.ini file ? you can see a preset here

I will check that tonight after work. Thsnks.

If you switched to a new PC you may have to install some drivers.
If iRacing has the ffb greyed out it is likely not seeing the OSW.

Go into hardware and devices in windows and make sure that the playstation looking controller is there and says simucube on it.
If it is not there you need to do the initial setup for the control.

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I have the controller on control panel that says Simucube. Anything I should do with that?

Your ini file needs adjustment, you should have linear tick box available and it should be ticked.
Copy your iracing folder in documents, or call it .old so you dont loose your setups, then reinstall iracing and reconfigure the controller should take care of it.

I changed the ini file and found that. I restarted the pc and now it seems to work. I can adjust the max force and wheel force. My iracing screen does look much different than others though so I might have something off there.

Also. Is there a way to use the buttons on my steering wheel to adjust the wheel force.

Also is there a way to adjust the fov with buttons when driving.

Not possible in a way that would adjust the Simucube strength slider. However, FFB adjustent in iRacing can be done in the black box control.

This should also be possible while driving via the black box controls.