Simcube 2 pro metallic noise

Hi, just received my new simcube 2 pro, and I tested Iracing and assetto Corsa competizione and I can hear this metallic and vibrating noise while I’m on the straigh or even I turned right or left and then while hit the kerbs or coming out of the track. I’d would like to now if it’s something pretty normal or not and if yes what should I do? I’ve firmware 1.0.30, true drive version 1.0.28.
Thank you

It’s normal.

We’re quite a few having had that exact same question :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s my setting on true drive right now.

Still normal.
You can make it less by more smoothing(recon) and also lower slew rate limit, but then you potentially suffer in the ffb feel, depending on sim. So adjust by the feel & forget the noise is what I have been doing. Racing with a headset helps.

Increase recon filter, 1 for Unlimited TBW and 60hz iRacing FFB is way too low.