Sim Racing Research Survey 2018

Dear Sim Racer,

We’re conducting a research among Sim Racing enthusiasts to set the next goals in the development of OSW / SimuCUBE force feedback equipment. Your input will be appreciated and regarded as important part of the research. Click the link below to access the survey!

I already completed the survey but I forgot the put my name or nickname there. There was no separate textbox for it and I did not read the comments at the end of the survey :frowning:

was easy…


Survey done, and thanks for considering our thoughts and wishes.

Done as well. Anything to help with further development :slight_smile:

Also did it put no name either

All done hope it helps :smile:


Thanx for the opportunity.

Done, great survey and like @phillip.vanrensburg said thanx for the oppertunity

Done !
With pleasure.


I also did not see the section to put my name.

I also noticed that some of the early OSW retailers including myself were not on the list.

Completed questionnaire, and messge passed on our forum to give other opinions. Thank you.

Done, without put my name , thank you for the opportunity.

Done! Glad too be able to give input.

Done, hope this helps.

Done, thanks all the Granite Team and the people involved for the best sim experience we get from OSW

Wow, 400 responses already! Sim racing community continues to amaze me with their activity :slight_smile:

Thank you for your helpful feedback & comments! After analyzing the data, we’re pretty sure where to focus.

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Survey completed, it’s the least we can do to support the developers and testers who provide us with such a great product and support service.

Tero are you going to publish the results?

I do not know what, if anything, we will decide to publicly release.

However, there are good suggestions and feature requests for the firmware development. I’m glad to say that some of the suggestions are already in development, some are “will do eventually”. This Eventually -part is getting closer as the things from to todo list have been reduced quite a bit in the last 2-3 months.

Some suggestions are things that just can’t be done, even if we wished, and some are things that we would not like to do ourselves (i.e. interface with another API instead).

Funny thing is that “please Finish the firmware already” and “Please keep developing it” are both quite well requested actions. :smiley:

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