Sim Racing Bay customer service

I just want to share this. Back in June when my Ultimate came in DHL stuck it too me and charged me as an industrial motor with no choice for me but to pay the duty fees if I wanted my wheel. Of course I protested this but still had to pay or let my wheel sit there. I explained what happened to Tomo so hopefully it didn’t happen to others here in the states. I had no idea he was still working on this and just notified me im getting a refund. He went above and beyond what I expected and why ive bought two bases from him. Just awesome customer service. Thanks again Tomo!!!


He is a true gentleman, and has knows how to treat his customers

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Absolutely. You don’t see customer service like this from the big companies.


Yes Tomo is the best!
I am proud to call him my friend!!:grin:


That’s exactly it, especially when spending alot of money on a product. I will use him again without hesitation


Top of the shelf service as always from Tomo.

I already bought 2 systems from SimRacingBay, and when I deside to pull the plug, and order a SC2, it will be from Tomo again.

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Same here. Bought my first OSW from him. Now my Ultimate and a new wheel.

We better watch out giving Tomo to much praise.
His head might swell up and he will have to buy new hats! LOL :grin:

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Thanks guys, just doing my best :slight_smile:


I just paid the duty, it was like $40.
But agree I wouldn’t recommend any one else to buy from :wink:
He included the mounting bracket and even US Spec power cord. And shipping was quick and responded to my email

Bought a Simucube 2 Pro and Ascher F28 wheel from SimRacingBay at the beggining of November. The transaction and shipping to over here in the UK were flawless. SC mount and UK power plugs were provided and there was no custom duty charge (will probably change after UK leave the EU) and Tomo kept me informed at every stage. At the time of my order he was the only reatailer to have stock of the Ascher F28 wheel rim, not even Ascher direct had them. Any future purchases i will definately be using SimRacingBay.


I too can second the excellent customer service from Tomo. Couldn’t praise Sim racing bay and Tomo higher.