Sim Cube 0.11.2 error - newb


Newb to sims over here, wanted to ask for help. I bought a Simucube 1 from another member in the community but i am running into issue. When i try to configure my wheel. I get the following error.

Can you guys point me in the right direction, i’m thinking i need a master reset and start fresh.


Thanks for the help in advanced.

You are using a too-old version Tuner Tool, which is not compatible with the newer version FW on your SimuCUBE.

Download the latest version SimuCUBE Tuner, you can find the link from the wiki. Remember you need the Simucube Tuner, not the Simucube 2 tuner…

It might update the FW once you run the tool, it is ok to proceed.


Here is the link for the FW, grab the latest one, closest to the top: