Signal interference

Was just wondering if there is any option or possible future updates to turn off the wireless signal the Simucube produces. Whenever my Simucube is on, it causes a very loud buzzing noise because of the signal interference with my GoXLR and Shure Sm7b, as soon as I turn my Simucube off the noise goes away.

I am wondering about the quality of your Mic /XLR cable. And quite sure it’s not the wifi causing your hassle, but rather a bit of EMI in this instance. So a good quality Mic cable might help resolving this issue.

What audio equipment is your Mic connected to?

Simucube wheel base does not transmit anything. It just listens for suitable devices to connect to regarding the wireless wheels, and transmits only to them.

I am using a Shure SM7B, connected to a Cloudlifter CL-1, which goes into my GoXLR. Both using high quality XLR cables. It’s a very nice setup and makes no buzzing noise until the simucube turns on. As soon as I turn it on I get a very distinctive buzz when speaking in the microphone. I know my GoXLR doesn’t like it when electronics are near it, especially my phone, but my simucube is about a foot away. This wouldn’t trigger it even with my phone.

Hi Mate, let me look into the GoXLR a bit, it might be a ground loop issue too. I will do some checking online on it, as it most likely where the issue is.

The Cloudlifter is pretty decent, and if you have good XLR cables, the only reaming part is the GoXLR.

Well I posted in Discord with no answers by Simucube staff a day or two ago, but I too have signal interference when racing. I play numerous FPS’s and even broadcast races in iRacing with my Astro A50 headset and never have any issues with it cutting out, but I have it every 2-3 seconds when I am racing. I am not sure if its the onboard wireless or just the wheel base itself emitting interference, but it’s always there and I am getting tired of it. I was hoping when I swapped from the Tahko 21 wheel to a USB wheel it would help, but it didn’t. I have moved my headset base all around my rig and nothing really helps it. Is there a setting I could try to help reduce any interference or should I suck it up and buy a wired gaming headset? I really like my A50’s, but they are not ideal when racing anymore if I cannot find a way to combat the signal interference.

Sounds like your headset might be of dubious quality. Some of the devices are like that. I have a wireless set (Arctis 7+) and they work very well with my dd setup. No hassles.

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Isn’t the Arctic 7+ ranked first in the dubious quality list? Not sure anymore, but I’m absolutely positive that he is on top of the EMI most usual suspects ever board… dubious, that you use such dubious products, tbh

I solved my problem somehow, switched outlets for my Simucube power supply (a separate outlet from my GoXLR), and moved the power supply a bit further from the GoXLR. I also rerouted my XLR cable away from the power supply and haven’t had a problem since, back to crystal-clear audio as usual.

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Yep, that’s a good solution I often use when dealing with sensitive devices. I thought it might be the GoXLR that was picking up interference via the power-feed. Some devices are just very sensitive that way, we also saw the same in 2014-2015 when we were developing first OSW wheels.