Should I remove it?

I wanna use Fanatec QR at the moment, should I just simply remove the QR from motor side by unscrew them ? Or should I do it in other way ?

Because the whole set of SQR including 30mm spacer is not long enough for me.

It depends on how you Fanatec QR equipment is designed. Only difference between Mige motors for Simucube 1 and the SImucube 2 devices is that Simucube 2 uses 24mm shaft.

I have a Fanatec QR from Tomo, but it cannot be fitted to the hub after I take off SQR

Tomo sell adapter for another QR systems

How about this spacer ?
The new SQR system is too short for my setup, but it cannot be put on motor side.
The problem is I will use at least 2 rims on SC2, then how can I get one more of this.

Do you have the base side Fanatec adapter from Tomo and the SRM adapter as well if so I may have issues also.

I have Fanatec male QR from Tomo for my old OSW before, but I found it wasn’t fit with new hub.

I also have SRM adaptor as well

I have installed the FAnatec male QR from tomo and the SRM adaptor and it works well, you only need 6 bolt of 3.5 mm large and use the whasers and glover washers adn it works fine

SRM adaptor cannot be fitted in the hub of SC2, hole pattern are not the same size

Do you have pictures can show me please ?

yes of couse


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So you use SQR and Fanatec QR both together !!

That is totally a joke to use QR like this as extension…

Look at the scews I´m using 3.5mm large you are using the screws that comes with the simucube and this screws don´t work you must go to a hardware store and buy another ones and I use the washers that comes with simucube the 2 tipes glover washer and flat washer and works fine

What 3.5mm please ? As I know they are just M5 screws to fit in the holes…

Adaptor that I am using from SRM is not the one who mostly use with people now, which comes with coil cable for Fanatec, mine is just a spacer with offset function.

The screws M5 you are using are to large, you will search another ones in my case are M5 3.5mm large