Should I buy a simucube 2 pro? what's the expected wait time?

Hello, hope you are having a good day. I’m planning to pre-order the Simucube 2 Pro from AUGURY SIMULATIONS but was concerned about the wait times, how long am I expected to wait? weeks? or a month or two? and should I be concerned about the special edition having competitive advantages than the normal Simucubes software wise? thanks.

hi bullet. what is the wait time on Augury website ?
i think all high end sim gear has long wait times now because there is much esport on tv and many well known f1 drivers and other well known are simracing ie indy cars . super v8s . gt3. formula e…etc.
so there is very high demand and not enough supply…
But a Simcube 2 pro IS worth the wait but maybe more than a month

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the AUGURY website has the sentence “Next batch pending update by the manufacturer.” so I don’t think they even know when the units will be ready, but that’s okay. just wanted to ask and make sure I know what I’m getting myself into by ordering.

Last thing I heard/ read was available around August.

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wowe, that’s a long wait. but on the bright side it gives me more time to save for a better rim and accessories.

Hey Bullet,

 You are not alone, I ordered mine Pro 2 a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I am assuming nothing has changed as their is no new news on availability. I pre-ordered mine at DSD and their site says they are expecting what they are calling batch 13 in the last week in August. I do not know if Granite has told them that or if they are speculating.

I thought the same thing as originally I was going to convert my Fanatec wheel. but now going to use the time to save for a nice rim.
I settled on a company called SSRG.
Johan Draijer is the guy I am dealing with at SSRG, He seems to be a good guy. They are a little in the high side, but he does really nice costume work.
You can see some of his work on his facebook page

Anyway good luck, hopefully this wheel base lives up to it’s reputation for both our sakes

yeah literally same, gonna use this wait time to save for a nicer rim then I originally planned.