Shortening servo cables

Hi all,

To kick it off right away, is there a specific reason why the servo cables are that long?
I can understand there is a length to be chosen to satisfy everybody, because not everybody has the same setup.

Now, I’m looking to buy a second set of cables, cut them and make them shorter, by a lot. For my instance, I would need a cable with a length of maximum 40-50 cm. The control box is placed directly behind the motor itself.

Are there things to watch for, by doing this?



No issues, the shorter the cables, the better, actually. Long cables are just to accommodate locating the control-box conveniently…


On the subject of cables and of not being tech savvy at all which cable produces all the EMI interference or is it the motor itself. Reason I ask is I didnt buy shielded cables and would like to get one made up myself seeing as I dont want to pay 100 euros from sim racing bay for some. Are there any links on how to make this cable and which cable to use or does anyone know of some links to cheaper alternatives ?

I have the Simracing bay shielded cables and have had zero issues. Plus they are really high quality so while they may not be cheap they do work. So they are worth it in my book.