Short SC2 Sport "Review"

Found this from a member on the Group “Sim Racing” @ FB. Gives some good info about the SC2 Sport.


I also have a direct comparison between the Simucube 2 Pro I own now and the DD1 I had until a week ago.

To me, the detail in FFB in the SC2 is just superior. Could be on the controller side of things, but also I never really found a filter setting in Fanalabs that did it for me. I like a crisp FFB without breaking my wrists and without background noise. That in itself isnt easy to achieve with the FFB iracing delivers, but with SC2 its better right off the bat.

I was able to shave almost a second off my best time on Road America under identical conditions compared to the DD1. Because I felt the car and the road so much better, I just knew what I could get away with and when.