Shift paddles lag/skip SC2 pro + BB Ultra

Recently (since a couple of weeks) I started to suffer from lag or even skips of shifts. It happens in ACC, downshifts and upshifts (but more often on downshifts). The delay I cannot say exactly but something about 200-300ms. This does not happen every day and every session, usually it’s fine first hour or two and than it may start to happen more and more often. I have not noticed lag in other wheel buttons I have mapped.

Base is SC2 Pro (R2). Wheel is SRB BB Ultra, wireless connection is always at 100%, Battery is 3.54V.
Truedrive 2022.5

Any advices, what I can do? This issue makes my competitive racing pretty much impossible :frowning:

Some missed downshifts can be attributed to “downshift protection” if you try to do it with too high RPM.
There is also setting to prevent double shifting “Gearshift Debouncing” adding delay before consecutive shifts, check what it’s set to, lower if needed.

Do not completely discount problem with the wheel itself, especially if it happens in other titles.

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for reply.
Yep about downshift miss, I totally agree that sometimes I might be shifting too early and protection might be engaged. But my problem is mostly with the lag (delay) in both down and up shifts. It cannot be due to protection or debounce.

P.S. ACC is the only title I have currently

I’ve noticed a problem in ACC with downshifting, but that’s always been the case even with my previous wheelbase - As @Andrew_WOT says it’s the downshift protection.

I’d recommend picking up another title, such as the original AC which can be bought relatively cheaply these days and testing it in that. You’ll be able to see if the lag also exists there and also the GT cars (maybe all of them) there will give an audible bleep if the downshift is tried at too higher revs, so you’ll be able to tell if it’s your shifter or just you spamming the shifters

It’s well worth picking up the original AC in any event as it’s a great sim, plus it’s unwise to rely on just one sim to establish whether you have a hardware or software problem.

Edit - you have turned the wireless wheel rim off and then on again? Also removed, reinserted the battery, and replaced the battery if it’s possible with this model?

I own many sim titles, but concentrate at only one currently, and I dont want to play other sims in order to not “decalibrate” myself. And the problem as I said is nasty random, it may not happen for days, or may happen two days in a row. And it’s also with upshifts sometimes.

Turning off and on wheel rim does not fix the problem during ACC session.
Turning off and on everything (acc,pc,wheelbase,wheel rim) fixes the issue.

About the battery - yes it is replaceable. Yesterday I removed it (to measure with multimeter) and reinserted it, so far no issues. I have no spare one, but will get new battery next week.

Could be just battery or antenna (wheel or base side) contacts.
Another thing to try is to “forget” all paired wheels in TD SW and repair them.

What FW are you on, did it start out of nowhere or after SW/FW upgrade, there were wireless wheels issues with new FWs but I am pretty sure they are sorted out in most recent release, if anything try 2021.9, it should be the last one before major FW rewrite.

I fail to see why pairing, which is a thing that is used when deciding whether the wheels should connect at all or not, could have to do with issues when the connection is established. So better not to do this for no logical reason.

I would also advice to try to do this. If there is something happening with only the latest firmwares, then it is probably a firmware bug. Otherwise, it is a game issue somehow.

I am running on 2022.5. Before that I was on 2022.2. I do not remember the exact time when I upgraded, but I think my problem started some days after the upgrade. So not sure if it is firmware related.
I might try to downgrade to 2021.9 if battery replace does not help.

Additionally I have connected one more shifter (g27 usb, seq mod) and mapped it to keyboard keys in order to have both - wheel paddels and shifter working in ACC. If the issue happen again I will be able to verify if it happens only on the wheel or also on the other shifter.

I seem to have the same issue, SC2 Pro with BB Ultra in ACC. mine seems to either ONLY happen on up shifts or i can’t notice it on downshifts because i don’t know if it’s the engine protection or a missed shift. seems like it’s most often 3rd to 4th gear in any car but i did catch a couple of 2nd to 3rd misses. unfortunately i don’t have any other wireless wheels (or any other wheels for that matter) nor do i have any other games to try in.

Little update here. I have NOT experienced the issue for the last two weeks. The only related change I have made is that I am now using other pedals.
Before I was using HE ultimates connected to the SC2 accessory port, now I am using asetek pedals connected directly to the pc via usb.
I am not sure if this is really related, but it might be … something like processing the analog inputs from accessory port to go wrong and cause delay on the shifts from wireless wheel?

Unlikely, as the analog inputs are always being calculated and just mapped values are not sent to PC if user has not added them in the config dialog.

Maybe somebody found a solution for this or something, but i bought my bb ultra not long ago and im experiencing the same thing, before it was not that noticeable specially with downshifts, but now it got worse and it can happen more than couple of times during a single lap, tried playing with gear shift debouncing but my problem its not there, is just missing the shifts, the clicks on the paddles sound similar or the same tbh and looks good but for some reason it happens a lot and with no pattern, also it happens across other titles

I dont use BB ultra any more. I gave it to my son, who is playing Dirt Rally 2 and have no problems with shifting, and it’s still with it’s original battery. And I am pretty sure that the problem was not in BB ultra actually.

For ACC I use now SimLine 720 wheel, that developed miss shift problems (but not delay shifts). This time it was hardware issue, in matter of few months I changed both right and left paddle microswitches and everything is fine.