Sharp, audible feedback impulses (SC2 Sport, ACC)

I’m new to the SC2 in general, and I have a SC2 Sport (with X-29 wheel). I primarily drive ACC. Coming from a Fanatec DD1.

Testing the new GT2s at the Red Bull ring, I’ve noticed that if I dip my car’s wheel wheel off the tarmac edge and back on, I can sometimes get a harsh impulse, as if the feedback is a sharp square wave. My headphones are off, and the sound from the base does not sound good when this happens- it’s as if it’s a loud “knock”. It also doesn’t feel very good or even realistic.

I want to figure out the settings to make this not happen, so I tried increasing damper, inertia, and friction. None of those really helped. Also tried increasing the reconstruction filter to as high as 5.

I also tried Dan Suzuki’s ACC profile (meant for a SC2 Pro, while I’m on Sport), but it felt too rubbery and almost “delayed”, if that made sense. And even then, it still seems to happen.

Here are my settings as I last had them, but like I said I’ve been playing around with a lot to see what I can do to dull these sharp impulses:

Thanks in advance for any advice!

A video could be nice.

Does the sound go away if you set DirectInput Damping and Friction strength to 0 in True Drive?

First of all for ACC change the reconstruction filter from 5 that you currently have it to 1.
It will not help you with the knocking but will definitely make it less “rubbery”

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Settings look fine except as already suggested unnecessary high for ACC 400Hz refresh rate recon filter, check that there is no play in QR, even tiny little one can create these knocks.

I took my allen wrenches and verified that everything on and around the base is cranked down, including the front mount bolts into the base, the QR, and the sim-lab front mount itself.

I adjusted the settings to this:

And then here’s a short video I just shot:

Note how when I dip my wheels into the grass and then back onto the road it produces a loud knock sound.

Hmm, can’t see it with SC2 Pro.
Tried GT2 KTM on RBR driving over all curbs, and dropping wheels into grass and back, nothing unusual, no knocks.
Do you have Manufacturers Extras enabled in ACC settings, you need to scroll down on FFB settings screen, try disabling it.
Also what TD version are you using?

I figured it out… embarrassingly, it wasn’t the base side QR, but rather the wheel-side SQR adapter.

I thought it was tight, but just to prove it myself I took apart all 3 layers and re-assembled, verifying each bolt was tight. This eliminated the loud KNOCK sound I was hearing when going over curbs. I still feel the impulse but it’s now quiet and feels much more believable.

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:


I had similar issue a while back, some weird knocking under high load, going over curbs, turned out there was tiny little play in the wheel side Q1R assembly, just tightened all screws down properly and it’s gone.

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