Shared presets on True Drive Paddock are way too strong or am I too weak? 🤣

I did a lot of testing last weekend to get a feel for what the Slew Rate Limit is all about.
I found that at a setting of 1 nm/ms the bumps from kerbs felt rather rubbery. Higher values made them sharper again, so I had to increase the reconstruction filter so as not to strain my hands too much.

But as I find the rubbery pleasant, I had left the reconstruction filter at 1 and set the slew rate limit as low as I found it good.

So, if I understood correctly, 1nm/ms smoothes out impacts such as from curbs or road bumps.
But if you set it to 3nm/ms, for example, these bumps are within the range and are not smoothed.
Have I understood this correctly?

I am looking for an explanation too. I doubt that it is connected to smoothing out in connection with filtering signals. It is the limitation of newton meters which are produced or reproduced per milliseconds. If you have the slider at 0.2 that means you limit the amount of nm to 0.2 per ms. The higher the value the more nm you allow. Off is equal to “no limitation” equals direct signal coming to the Simucube

Well, I think you are correct. This makes much more sense to me. :slight_smile:

I am/was struggling around aswell buddy! I hope that I didn’t provide any crap to you. But I’m pretty sure is correct😂. It does prevent a kind of protection. Imagine using a profile with 100,% torque and not much filtering/fine-tuning. In game you have collision up to 100…which could end disastrous and is quite dangerous

Sorry, it does PROVIDE, not prevent…mistake

Trust me. It was pretty close with one profile I tried
But it makes sense that its limiting these forces. :smiley:

Please excuse that I didn’t reply directly to you and made a post instead. I sometimes miss that because of rushing without thinking

No problem. Everything OK. :smile::+1:

Cool! I try to let profiles as clean as possible. Better to turn down force in-game for me. No filter, no limitation. And I limit the amount of torque

That is also a good approach. I’m still learning to find the perfect sweet spot for me.
What I know at the moment is that I am quite allergic to rapid torque changes due to road pumping and so on.
So the slew rate was a good start for me to get a handle on that. :joy:

Thanks! I am very happy with the sport! Rally, F1…everything is a big sensation with it. Awesome! I have about 20 racing games, don’t play another stuff. Sometimes I could drive the whole day long…:joy:

Did you ever started a game and then went through the filters and effects? One by one, minimum to maximum. That is quite surprising and shows very good what the Simucube is about and the high level of quality of the hardware too

This is what I was doing the last weekend. I tried every slider and drive a around in iRacing.
You could not believe how fast 4 hours can pass. :joy:

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Slew rate is indeed the the rate of change of a signal, so lower slew rate will make the wheel feel very rubbery indeed as all high frequency detail is removed.

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Gosh, in the early days after driving rallies I was totally sucked dry! The focus needed didn’t let me blink with an eye😂. I even lost a contact lense while in rig because she went dry. Finished stage, went down on knees and picked it up. Actually I’m experimenting with wheel diameter impact. In WRC9 the rotation was at 540 degrees default, then 380. With the sport now setting must be done in TD. I think it has an impact to set wheel rotation to Fe 900 and then go to 380 at bumpstops.

Thanks for clarifiction. So I use the setting wrong and cut out all details :rofl:

True, very useful in some obscure games

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Thanks for validation🌻
From here on is written in stone
For me he is the living word of simracing
And I’m his angel providing downforce to every wing

From the holy manual of Simucube 2, book of filters